2009. júl. 15.

Zuchinni bread ring

From the second baking of this zuchinni bread ring I made, I took some slices to the office, to accompany my lunch. That day I almost remained hungry, as my colleagues ate all the bread. And they asked for more. And for the recipe. Here's below.
This is a very attractive bread, if I might consider a bread being attractive :-) It's sleazy, it's delicious, combines zuchinni with nut and millet in a fantastic taste-orgy. It's really irresistible.

Zuchinni bread ring

ingredients -- small / mid-size

buttermilk -- 75 ml / 100 ml *
water -- 100 ml / 130 ml
grated zuchinni -- 175 gr / 225 gr
flour BL55 -- 375 gr / 500 gr
whole meal -- 75 gr / 115 gr **
millet -- 2 coffeespoon / 2 tablespoon
chopped nut -- 3 tablespoon / 4,5 tablespoon ***
salt -- 1,5 coffeespoon / 2 coffeespoon
sugar -- 1,5 coffeespoon / 2 coffeespoon
butter -- 40 gr / 50 gr
dried yeast -- 1,5 coffeespoon / 1,5 coffeespoon

Put liquid ingredients in the form of the bread baking machine. Add the grated zuchinni. Pour the flour and whole meal, so you cover the liquids. Add the millet. Put on top of ingredients the sugar, salt, butter, in different corners of the form. Measure and put the dried yeast, in the middle, pay attention, should not graze the sugar or salt.

You might choose between three options:

1) Use bread baking machine to all steps
Select basic bread baking program, this, usually, is the first program on the bread baking machine and takes approx 2,5-3 hours, depending on machine and bread size. In case you select this, size the bread according to ingredients quantity. At machine signal add the chopped nut. After basic baking program ends, take out the form, turn the baked zuchinni-nut bread out from it, place on a grade, cover with clean kitchen cloth and put it to simmer down.

2) Use bread baking machine to do the knead and dough
When all ingredients added, place the form in the bread baking machine, select "dough" program, so the machine will do the knead and dough part of the work. After program ends, take the bread dollop on breadboard lightly covered with flour, firmly knead it. You might choose to form a regular bread or, to form a bread ring. To bake your bread in a ring form, take the dollop in three equal parts, roll-pull each part to approximately 40 cm long, put them along each other and entwine in a simple three-braid form. Spread some oil in a ring (smaller size) baking form and carefully place the bread braid in it, working together the two ends. Scatter the bread with some chopped nut, cover the baking form with a clean and dry kitchen cloth and leave in a warm place to dough (will double in size). Heat the owen to 200 C degrees, splash some warm water on top of the bread and put the form in the owen. Bake it for 40-45 minutes, but after the first 20 minutes lower the heat to 180-175 degrees. When ready, take out the form, leave the bread to rest for few minutes, than turn it out from the baking form. Place it on a grade, cover with kitchen cloth and leave it to simmer down.
Of course, any available baking form might be used, just spread the baking form with oil before placing the bread dollop in it.

3) Use the bread baking machine to do the knead only
You might choose to bake your zuchinni-nut bread this way - I did like this. In this option start the "dough" program on the bread baking machine but after the knead is over, stop the machine, take out the dollop, place it in a lighlty floured plastic pot, hint some flour on top, cover with a kitchen cloth and leave in warm place to dough while doubles in size. After this step follow the instructions as in option 2), so take the dollop on a lighlty floured breadboard, firmly knead it, form a regular bread or part the dollop in three, entwine, place it in a baking form spreaded with some oil, scatter chopped nut on top, cover with kitchen cloth and leave to dough again till doubles, splash with some warm water, put in hot owen to bake.

Whichever option you choose, in result you'll get a fantastically delicious, sleazy bread, in which the zuchinni will not taste as a separate flavor, but with the other ingredients will result a compelling home-made bread.

Bon appetit!

Tips & Tricks:
* In case you don't have buttermilk handy, it's easy to replace with yoghurt; to one small cup of yoghurt add 1-2 tablespoon sparkling mineral water and 1-2 coffeespoon lemon juice.
** Check the dough while in the bread baking machine, before gets to raise. As the flours are different, the bread dollop might be too posh, in this case add 1-2 tablespoon whole meal.
*** Nut might be replaced - partially or fully - with tich or sunflower seeds.

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Süti Bazár írta...

You have made a really wonderful bread again. It can be delicious, although I do not like zuchinni so much but my family does. May be, I will try it, I think. :)))

alchri írta...

Garffyka, kérlek nézzél be hozzám, díjat kaptál tölem...
Nem tudom jól csinálom-e ezt az egészet, a Dijak alatt találod a bejegyzésemet.
Puszi, Erika

Garffyka írta...

Yasmine, you might try it; you won't taste the zuchinni at all; this makes the bread texture better, very sleazy.
My husband also not after zuchinni, but he liked this bread a lot :D

Garffyka írta...

Alchri, köszönöm szépen, megyek is :D