2009. jún. 29.

Zuchinni pesto with chili

This recipe I got from a best friend of mine, Max, who found it on Laura's blog.
The first portion I made didn't reached to the refrige, we ate it right away :-)
It's quick and easy to prepare, it may be flavoured to fit everybody's taste, keeps two weeks in refrige and it also might be frozed to have some summer taste in cold winter months.
The original recipe I modified a bit adding some chili and rosemary.

Zuchinni chili pesto


8 tender zuchinni
6 bigger clove of garlic
180 gr parmezan - or other similar cheese
10 bigger leaves of fresh basil
1 coffee spoon of fresh rosemary
2 heaped spoonful of fresh parsley
salt, pepper, sprinkle of mexican spice mix
3 smaller chili
1 spoonful of sesame
olive oil

Wash the zuchinni, peel the garlic, chop both, also the parmezan in smaller parts, not too smalk but to make them to fit in a kitchen mixer. Put all ingredients, including the herbs and spice, but leave the olive oil, in the mixer. Mix it continuously while slowly adding the olive oil till the mixture becames flossy and creamy. Taste it and, if needed, add some more spice or herbs. The pesto is ready. If you have some pasta ready (the best al dente), put some zuchinni chili pesto on top and your lunch, dinner is served :-).
In case you don't eat it as made or there's some left, spoon the pesto in clean and dry bottle and spoon by spoon add some olive oil on top to cover it. The oil will help to keep the pesto's nice green color and also will conserve it. You can keep in refrige for two weeks, paying attention to cover with oil after each time when is used (if any remains in the bottle :-).
You may put the fresh pesto in ice cube forms, place in the freezer. When all freezed, take out the pesto cubes, drop them in freezing bags. Shortly before using, take out few cubes from the freezing bag and leave it to defrost. It might be used as the fresh pesto.

To the portion I made for my son, I added a big carrot and left out the chili and mexican spice. This pesto - zuchinni carrot - might be refriged and freezed as the one flavoured with chili.

Bon appetit!

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