2012. ápr. 2.

Cookie that Helps

SEGÍTSÜTI, founded in 2009, is an internet charity auction where bids are

made on cakes offered by 27 gastro-bloggers.

The bid winner - beside to get one of the really great cookies offered in Segítsüti -

helps with his/her bid an organization dealing with children.

Segítsüti Spring 2012 supports Gézengúz Alapítvány,

a foundation working on rehabilitation of birth-disabled children

in four towns of the country.

Bid is open till 2 April 16:00!!!   Don't miss it!!!


for details and bidding options check   SEGÍTSÜTI website.

To make your bid go to Segítsüti website under „Sütiárverés” menu, after a simple registration (nick name, email address). 

The winner will be who has the highest amount for the certain cookie on 2 April at 16:00 when the bid is closed. 

The winner may allow the „repechage” option, so who has the second (third, etc) prize also will get the bet cake.

Obviously, all the cakes will be freshly remaid when the winner and the repechage/s agree with the blogger when and how to deliver the cookies.

Payment of the offered amount goes via bank transfer to SoSe Foundation on specially separated Segítsüti bank account.

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Névtelen írta...

Great! Was wondering what's this segitsuti, I saw all over the net. Thanks for the post in English!